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Dr. Sobol is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist practicing in Uniontown Pennsylvania. 

He provides medical and surgical care for eye disease and evaluates people for disorders of the visual system.

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 Wednesday, January 9, 2008

small incision levator advancement (in office)   
Dr. Hormozy taught me how to do this in my residency (drhormozy.com).  In the office, you make a 3mm incision at the upper tarsal border, dissect superiorly until you can grasp the levator with forceps, and then suture it to the lower tarsus.  The problem with the small single incision is that you end up with a "peak" centrally in the eyelid.  This patient's other eyelid has a natural "peak" so she is a good candidate; also, she doesn't want to go to the OR.  You can make a larger incision to have a better contour but then you may as well just do it in the OR so you can remove the fat pads, etc.. 

You can be sure that you have a good grip on the levator (you can't see it) when the suture is dragged superiorly when the patient is asked to look up. 

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